As part of the coursework for my Urban Studies degree, I contributed to several projects.

37th Street: Vision 2065 // UBST 591: Integrative Seminar


This advanced seminar incorporated feedback from community consultations and concluded with the production of a report and presentation to the community that envisioned the area in 2065, with climate change as a chief design concern. 37th Street: Vision 2065 imagines the 37th Street corridor as a low-carbon sustainable development.
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Bowness Road and Shaganappi Trail Area Structure Plan // UBST 461: The Transit City

ASP1Coursework examined land use, urban form and transit projects in Calgary, North America and overseas to provide a broad understanding of the relationships between urban form and function, particularly regarding transit-supportive land use and transit-oriented development. The final project involved the production of an Area Structure Plan centered on transit-oriented development for Bowness Road and Shaganappi Trail.