IMG_5703I’m Joël Laforest. I have degrees in Urban Studies and Religious Studies, and am pursuing graduate work in geography at the University of Calgary. My interests include human and social geography, Continental philosophy, political philosophy, critical theory, and contemporary social movements.

Current academic interests include (though they change often):

  • horror, the occult, and SF as creative critiques of capitalism
  • the history of the Situationist International, SI perspectives on urbanism, and psychogeography
  • the production of nature/space in a capitalist context
  • the history of political radicalism in Paris (May ’68, Paris Commune)

My previous studies in Religious Studies have examined links between markets and religion, based largely on the work of Philip Goodchild. This experience has been  useful in historicizing and contextualizing the role of the market in society today, and influences my work on cities and urbanism. I’ve also read a fair bit of Paul Ricoeur, whose work on metaphor, selfhood and fiction I find to be particularly insightful.

You can contact me at joel[at]spectralcities.com, and on twitter @joelaf.