Summer Reading List 2015


Here’s my reading list for this summer! Obviously it’s open to change, but it’s a start.

Ken Wark’s stuff on the Situationists should be interesting to read alongside Lefebvre’s Critique and will help to give some context to the latter. I’m also really looking forward to reading Wark’s Molecular Red after having gone through Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy. Wark’s discussion of the anthropocene touches on Robinson’s Red Mars in particular (terraforming I assume), so I’m hoping I”ll enjoy Molecular Red more after having read the Mars trilogy.

Lissagaray obviously is going to be a bit of a slog to get through, but it’s an important primary source for stuff on the 1871 Commune. I’ve been reading so much secondary / tertiary analysis that I feel obligated to kind of know what I’m talking about historically. The Commune features pretty heavily in some recent work (Harvey’s Paris, Capital of Modernity, Merrifield’s The New Urban Question, and Badiou’s Communist Hypothesis among others), so having some historically familiarity with the EVENT should be an asset.

I’ve read bits and pieces of Ross’s Communal Luxury (and have her book on Paris ’68 out from the library), but I think Luxury deserves a decent cover-to-cover read. The analysis should be particularly interesting after having freshly read Lissagaray.

The Hollis and Peet books on geography and social science are required texts for a class I’ll be taking this fall, so I’m just being a keener and trying to get a head start.

Use of Weapons and Star Fraction are apparently about Space Communism on some level. I think I picked these titles from a list China Miéville came up with of socialist-inspired SF. Sounds right up my alley.

Harvey’s Seventeen Contradictions — no particular reason, just haven’t read it yet. I try to read something new of Harvey’s every summer (last summer was Paris), and he’s usually pretty fun to read.

The Invisible Committee’s To Our Friends: I read Coming Insurrection a couple years ago and thought it was cool enough. Merrifield’s a big fan of them too. Found this copy in a Harvard bookstore. Hopefully it’ll be just as interesting as Insurrection. (Didn’t some of these guys get busted for messing with a rail line as some sort of pretext? Who knows.)

Margaret Somers came out with The Power of Market Fundamentalism around this time last year, and I think I’ve renewed the library hold on it for a solid year ever since. I really just need to get around to reading it. It’s a contemporary discussion of the relevance of Polanyi’s Great Transformation and general critique, looks super interesting, I just need to actually sit down and read the damn thing.

If you bothered to read this and have any additional recommendations, or want to chat about any of these books, feel free to let me know!


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